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Dallas Morning News Drives Over Three Million Incremental Page Views with Push Notifications
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Dallas Morning News wanted to increase return visitor volume while targeting audiences with content they actually wanted to see — without having to visit the Dallas News homepage or spot the content in an over-crowded social media feed. They decided to implement web push notifications with Pushly.

Quick Implementation & Immediate Subscriber Acquisition

Dallas Morning News’ developers were able to implement Pushly in less than one hour, allowing them to immediately start converting website visitors to web push subscribers.

The publisher instantly began capturing over 6,000 notification subscribers every day. After just one month of implementation, they built an addressable audience of over 150,000 subscribers.

Real Results
Incremental increase in page views
Average CTR

Share of returning traffic accounted for by Pushly
Growth in return visitors YoY

Increase in paid subscriptions
Cost of Pushly completely covered
Improved Performance with Smart Segmentation
DMN notification

Utilizing Pushly’s Smart Segmentation tools, Dallas Morning News was able to develop a notification strategy which consistently achieved a click rate of over 5%. Dallas News’ Audience and Editorial Teams were able to target subscribers based on where they signed up for notifications, the pages they visited, and what content they engaged with on site. Now, subscribers could be targeted with follow up news items related to the stories in which they have already signaled interest.

Dallas News collaborated with their Pushly Account Manager to leverage Smart Segmentation to individually target specific notifications to audiences, resulting in CTRs greater than 20%.

Continued Usage Results in Long-Term Success

We really started it just as a test. When we saw the results, we were shocked — in a good way. We added many more users than we expected, and then started strategizing about how to use the tool for more than just daily breaking-news alerts — and how to spread this tool beyond the newsroom’s Audience team.

Mark Francescutti, Director of Digital Marketing Operations and Engagement
Pushly now represents 4% of Dallas Morning News’ overall page views and 11% of their returning page views. To date, the publisher has seen tens of thousands of digital subscriptions and more than three million incremental page views.