Case Study
How a Furniture Company Leveraged Push Notifications to Drive Incremental Revenue
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Over the last several years, a furniture company client built a quality, trusted brand that continues to generate sales through physical locations, social media and email engagement. However, like all direct-to-consumer brands, they were seeking new avenues through which they could directly engage their audience and drive online sales. To meet this challenge, they turned to Pushly’s web push notification platform.

Using Web Push to Accelerate Sales & Subscriptions

Pushly's latest ecommerce features enabled them to access increased push notification functionality and support to meet their business growth goals.

With Pushly, they were able to: 

  • Use existing product data to inform notification targeting and alert customers with product availability, price changes, or other updates

  • Access dynamic abandoned cart notification functionality

  • Segment subscribers based on content consumption and/or product interests

  • Receive automatic reporting for ROI monitoring

  • Get direct revenue attribution using dynamic UTM parameters for detailed reporting

Real Results
Sessions initiated by Pushly
Page views initiated by Pushly
Subscription rate

Incremental revenue attributed to Pushly
Boost in Pushly-attributed sales using automated features
Cost of Pushly completely covered

Implementation and Outcomes

For this furniture company, it was Pushly’s ease of use, account management and web push expertise that made it easy to make the decision to implement web push. Along with the ability to send manual notification offers while leveraging A/B testing and segmentation, they supplied Pushly with their pre-existing product feed, which informed the usage of abandoned cart notifications, consumer onboarding campaigns, and dynamic weekly notification sends targeting users based on their on-site and click behavior.

Within the first 30 days of launching, they drove over 25,000 clicks back to their site. Moreover, they’ve seen measurable results in terms of revenue– in just over five weeks generating over $187,000 in incremental purchases with over 160 transactions driven by push notifications.

Maximizing ROI from Push

We decided to launch web push notifications to enhance our repeat visitor traffic using a channel that is proven to break through and not predisposed to ad blockers or busy email inboxes. We immediately started building a subscriber database of target buyers to retarget with relevant product notifications

Leveraging a variety of web push strategies via Pushly drove their channel success. While they had a successful history of direct-to-consumer sales, utilizing the power of push notifications allowed them to super charge their ecommerce operations by driving increased cart conversions and boosting return visitor rate. Pushly’s benefit to them easily outweighs the cost, as they maximized ROI covering the cost of Pushly in just a matter of 14 days.