Why Publishers Should Prioritize Return Visitors in 2020

A “Game-Changing” Guide To Drive Ad Revenue and Subscriptions with Push Notifications

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From a duopoly that has dominated traffic and ad revenue to an unprecedented global pandemic, publishers have certainly faced challenges when it comes to acquiring and growing their audiences and revenue. Most continue to rely on Google and Facebook as part of their growth strategies often with diminishing returns.

Here’s the problem: publishers are leaving money on the table by not capturing users who visit their site once, never to return. See what’s inside our exclusive guide to push notifications:

  • The “anything but normal” state of publishing and why push notifications are a game-changer for growth
  • Ways to optimize audience engagement, retention and revenue
  • Consumer attitudes toward web push and strategies that drive engagement
  • Benefits of web push for publishers in all verticals and industries
  • Publisher Partner Checklist for evaluating push partners